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Aquesta web s’ha creat per mostrar i comercialitzar  productes  dissenyats i fabricats per Fusteria Cogul. Productes exclusius, personalitzables, fabricats a mida, amb fustes selectes, envernissat amb productes  impregnants  a l’aigua, respectuosos amb el medi ambient, reutilitzables. Productes per oferir a tot el mon

Payment methods and rates

We send our products through Correos (Spanish Post Office) as a Paquete Azul (“Blue Package”) category.

Delivery expenses are the following

Payment Methods

By card

You can pay for your purchases from using your bank card (link to Caixabank secure server).

Our payment method is totally safe because the data on your card is sent in an encrypted form directly to the bank’s safe server. We do not store or have access to any bank data.

Neither ourselves nor any other party can access such data, so your payment is as safe as it would be when you purchase at any physical shop.


By bank transfer/deposit:

If, in spite of all our safeguards, you prefer not to enter your card data, you can also pay using a bank transfer into the following account:

Bank: Caixabank, S.A.
Account holder: Fusteria Cogul, S.L.
Account number: 2100-0243-67-0200249171

*For transfers from outside Spain:
IBAN: ES83 2100-0243-67-0200249171

For any other queries regarding these matters, you can write to us at: info[at]