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Fusteria Cogul, S.L. is a company founded by the Cogul family, proud to lay claim to over a century of tradition. So it’s no idle boast that timber has been our way of life since 1896. No need to add that throughout these years we have undergone several generational changes. Fusteria Cogul, S.L., registered as such on 21 January 1998, is now managed by the fourth generation of the family.

Our company, Fusteria Cogul, manufactures non-serialised wooden pieces, in which the design and materials used constitute a unique product, conceived exclusively for each customer. We create customised furniture for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as wardrobes, doors, staircases, bannisters, windows – in short, anything that can be built using wood. We also restore antique furniture. For more information, go to

This website has been created to showcase and commercialise products designed and manufactured by Fusteria Cogul. Exclusive products which can be customised or made to measure, using select timbers and finished with water-based sealants that are environmentally friendly and reusable. Products we offer worldwide.

Our collections, WOODEN COILED, PUZZLE PARQUET, CUBMAKING and CUBFRAME, are a blend of valued timbers, bound using elastic cord and assembled by hand. These are hand-crafted products of the finest quality, bearing the mark PAQ:00141/03, a mark granted to Fusteria Cogul by the Ministry of Trade, Handcraft and Fashion of the Government of Catalonia.

WOODEN COILED, PUZZLE PARQUET, CUBMAKING and CUBFRAME are innovative products which aim to transmit the sensitivity of natural things. We conceived the brands to appeal to people who appreciate wood and wish to enjoy its beauty. Enjoy our products! Use your imagination to find new uses for them.